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Laptop + Macbook Screen Repairs

Laptop screens can easily be damaged and we replace them often. The damage always looks severe and may incline many to purchase a new laptop, without realising screen replacement is always a far cheaper option with astounding results. 

Hard Disk and Memory Upgrades

A noisy clicking laptop sometimes accompanied with a very slow laptop usually indicates the hard disk is tired and worn and could be very much on the brink of failure. Acting fast is essential to make sure all your precious data, irreplaceable family photos etc are safe and backed-up before complete failure of the disk occurs and all is lost. 

Often a new faster Hard Disk and / or the addition of more Memory (RAM) will breathe new life, speed and useability into a slowing aging laptop.


Laptop Battery Replacement

Laptop not charging? - The power indicator light is often misleading in determining actual battery life, as it does not clearly indicate the level of charge. One should check this status bar battery icon for a more accurate assessment.

Once fully charged, unplug your laptop. If your laptop runs out of power quickly, within 30 minutes or less, it may be time for a new battery.

Microsoft Windows / Apple OS Software Reinstallation and Data Transfer Service

This frequently performed service normally goes hand-in-hand with replacement of a Hard Disk due to failure, upgrade or assured removal of Virus and Malware Infections.


Laptop Hinge and Charging Port Replacement

We are often asked if we can replace laptop screen hinges. Assesment will be required for case damage but yes we often do this.

80% of laptop power port repairs we see are accidental damage from people tripping over the lead wire. Equally they can just become worn and loose over time. In order for the system board to receive power from the adapter they will require replacment.

Hardware & Software Upgrades and Installation

We offer assistance with making informed choices with software. We also offer both a Hardware and a Software installation and configuration service, with Internet security software, printers etc


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